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Thursday, August 7, 2008

miss sumone just now??

emmm...its just come in my mind just now...

what will you all do if you miss someone just now?

share with me kay...=)


CuteBoy_Tee said...


haha..missing someone ehh i see..i know it's kinda hard when the person most important to you is far away apart...even i having a hard time facing this problem..but what is more important that you must have a full faith to the person that u care..remember the phrase that u gave me the other day?..if two hearts are meant to be one,no matter how long it takes,no matter how far they go,how tough it seems,fate will bring them together...i know u know this phrase more than i do but try to understand what trully lies beyond the phrase..anyway that's all comin' frm me..if have somethng to ask then go to my blog kay..


safwan said...

ermmmmM ??? -_-'
angah!! i miss my NOR LIANA FATAH =)
yeahhhh!!!! <3

...diaNe....(",) said...

owh...i c..
ur gf ryte?

Nur Syazwani said...

Call that person and tell him/her that you miss him/her. I always do that to my parents and my loved ones *wink*