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...What i kNow aBout MySelf is alwaYs noT tHink tHaT i'm dOne or satisfied on mYselF,,,so i'M aLwaYs tRy to MakE imProvEmenT to be The BeTTer and Be a Star.. nOt MoVie Star buT sTar to The beaUtiFuL sKy....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I am convinced that the more we fail in life, the better chances we have to learn from our mistakes and become successful. In fact, the way I see failure is that we are always getting it right even when it appears we have made a mistake or failed. It leads to a greater understanding and wisdom for us to overcome our obstacles and have a better and brighter future. Therefore I consider failure is a better teacher than success.
Some of my most terrifying memories involve my failure in many things. It does not mean I am not successful in life. I remember how I got very upset when I was eliminated from the taekwondo state championships when I was eleven. That day I thought the sky will fall on me because I was not rewarded after a long time of preparations. I was so disappointed that I deserted workout for a period of time. But when I thought about it, it seemed foolish to me and I said to my self I like running, and if I try harder with more discipline, I can grow better and stronger. Following this simple concept, I was able to become number one in my team, and I have been
selected to represent my performance to be very well soon. Also like my studies too, i want to be a selected person who get degree certificate of appreciation from vice of chanselor of UiTM soon.

by the way, i want to wish to all my BMD1BA friends....all the best for our final exam that will becoming soon...~

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