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...What i kNow aBout MySelf is alwaYs noT tHink tHaT i'm dOne or satisfied on mYselF,,,so i'M aLwaYs tRy to MakE imProvEmenT to be The BeTTer and Be a Star.. nOt MoVie Star buT sTar to The beaUtiFuL sKy....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

~....tHe VaLuE oF fRieNd....~

It has been a normal trend..
For everybody to have some friends..
Who are willing to give a hand..
From the beginning until the end..

True friends are rare and few..
Like flowers growing on the mountain..
It does not matter whether it is old or new..
As long as they care for you..

A friend is need..
Is a friend indeed?..
Who provides you with warmth and heat?..
When you are cold down for you..

Sincere friends will last forever..
For money can never buy..
The true friendship that will last forever..

Grows with smiles..
Grows with an understanding..
and…..it ends with death.....


Nur Syazwani said...

It's so nice of you to update your blog..Keep it up girl..Take care..

...diaNe....(",) said...

hehe..i love my blog miss....
so that i update my blog every month..