~::..lost oppurtunity to meet these eye but i ♥ them ..::~

...What i kNow aBout MySelf is alwaYs noT tHink tHaT i'm dOne or satisfied on mYselF,,,so i'M aLwaYs tRy to MakE imProvEmenT to be The BeTTer and Be a Star.. nOt MoVie Star buT sTar to The beaUtiFuL sKy....

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

~*national geographics top photos!*~

"I'm going to moose you so much,,ngeh3,,"


"Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but my dear, your so delightful,hek3,,"

"Take me to your hive"

"Have you been flossing??"

"Connect the Dots..haha,,"

"Keep your chin up son,,chaiyok2~"

*all photos so funny lol~am I ryte?*


pkwanslicer said...

ko tolong2 r aku nak stylish aku pnye blog...
baru buat maaa...


..smile.. said...

..cmel pic yg no 3..
hehe =p