~::..lost oppurtunity to meet these eye but i ♥ them ..::~

...What i kNow aBout MySelf is alwaYs noT tHink tHaT i'm dOne or satisfied on mYselF,,,so i'M aLwaYs tRy to MakE imProvEmenT to be The BeTTer and Be a Star.. nOt MoVie Star buT sTar to The beaUtiFuL sKy....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

♥take each day as it comes♥

People have their opinions.
They like to shake their head and judge me.
They like to talk and whisper and wonder.
It used to bother me and then eventually
I learned not to care because this is my life
and the only person whose happiness matters
is my own.


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