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Monday, August 9, 2010

"Great Moment with Parent" CONTEST by Sachi Asukai

I cannot stop myself from sharing this with all of you ()

there are many loving memories of my dad, ops! i call my dad as PAPA. he was a loving papa in da world dat i call n save it his name on phone as 'my hero'. :) I can see his smile, as if he were still here with me n others.he had an unconditional love for all of us, no matter what problems we had, what we got into, even though he had to take us out behind the wood shed to discipline us, quite often he still loved us.he never threw our past back up to us, he told me once that we were already hurting enough, he didn't believe in keeping on at someone when they were already down, i've thought about that, and you know he was right. papa was the customer servicer officer for 10 years for the CIMB Bank Berhad in one of the branch at Terengganu..t

hen in year of 2009
, mama told me that he had taken papa to Kuala Terengganu specialist and that he was full heart attack diseases. it was by the grace of God that he lived and unsick for now, but he wasn't able to work as much before, thats when things were real hard. He worked long hours for one day. he always helped people they would call him, there were many times he worked into the night to help a friend who was in need. huhu.
it was hard for papa, working so many hours, and then coming home to hear mama fussing so, but he would just ignore it, he would just get in his recliner and soon he would be snoring. papa loved mama with a love that lasted, even though they fussed a lots, they stayed together all those years, they didn't walk out when the going got tuff.They meant it when they said till death do we part, and in sickness and in health, and rich or poor. He understood Mama, and what made her become the way she was, and he still loved her. We all grew up and made our own lives and many mistakes, papa was always there for us whenever possible.
i will never forget the things he said, one day he sent me one message while i'm @perlis ryte at da moment.

dis is a message dat was sent by papa,
"along n angah belajar betul2, jwb exam molek2 ah,
papa harap along & angah dpt degree & xgagal
wak contoh ke adik2 seme! 0k."

i wrote that message on a piece of paper n put it in my purse..so that, i can always remind on that message.
i'll always love you my sweet papa. i love you always.

ok.dis is my picta with my papa. this picta was taken by my sista when we all together had a holiday on may2010 @genting. ok.i dnt want edit dis picta, coz i like dis natural with my natural papa's face. i juz not only love papa but i really love my family. dis contest about parents kn? so, i can't put my family picta on dis entry. :)

p/s : to Sachi Asukaii...i have a lot family picta too! n i really love dat. always open all da kind of picta in my lappy. hee~since i look all dat picta, so i can tell anybody dat i really miss my family in every single second. =]


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salam diane.sorry im a bit late 2 c ur contest post/entry.well dear, u did such a great entry n im impressed of it!btw, gud luck dear..thanks 4 joining Sachi Asukai's contest!!