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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1) moody.2) happy.3) raye~

I cannot stop myself from sharing this with all of you (◠‿◠)

today is not yesterday.
today is not tomorrow..
today is not the past..
but today is today..hehe,,
since da start bubbling kt blog yg mula brsawang nih..
so startingny kne setting bek punye!
so, today is my day.. :)

not everyone akn rse ape yg kte rse. kn? kn? kn? tp org akn tahu dan rse ape kite rse ble dye bnar2 merasekn ape yg kite rse. he he he..so, complicated lorh diane! haishh,,dh.dh.dh.

fes : bad mood
reason2 : skit kepala. ouch!
then, period
sesungut [ s = gggg]
diane ktiduran smpi mgrib..huu~
skitny nauzubillah xtw nk ckp cmne..:(

second : gud mud
reason2 : receive a gud news..tet.tet.tet...
i've won da great moment with parents contest! hee,,and will get a lovely beg from a n organiser of da contest..omg really cute n adorable..sure i'm lovin' it! mmuah! mmuah! mmuah! >.<

third : raya mode
omg! mud raye xilang lg even da 1 week stat kuliah...hee,,ish3,,
raye! raye! raye! diane becomes F.A.T...wahaha~
oh no! don't turn into it! kih.kih.kih..
yela, once da turn into f**...da susah nk jadi tiny tunnel blik..kn? kn?

ok.enough! stop for dis fullstop.

p/s : entry for raye 2010 will b coming...hee,,more episode.
stay tune~ chill...:)

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