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Friday, September 24, 2010

oh! i win the contest...

I cannot stop myself from sharing this with all of you (◠‿◠)

and the prize is the Ribbon Stylist Girl Handbag (Khaki colour).
a simple and unique bag.
i adore this bag TRULY. and it suits this winner!

see? i get this from entry dis da pretty blog [link] huhu,,sgt teruja..
sgt excited..
sgt berterima kasih kpd sachi-asukai sbb choose diane jd pmenang..
uh-hu! uh-hu! tsskk...terharu~

oh! sgt xsngke akn jd pemenang. yelah, skali tgk pnyertaan..
huishh,,xyakin weh akn tpilih..ni kn nk jd winner of da contest.
try n error je msuk contest nih..hehe,,tup2, xsngke dpt jd winner.

special thanx tuk organizer sachi-asukai..:)
i love to participate da contest awk bt pun sbb title contest menarik! so, i make a different n luahkn ape yg nk diluahkn...he3,,tenx sgt2..n tenx tuk hdiah...i'm sure dat i'll lovin' it! hee,,