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Sunday, December 26, 2010

.congrate sis nana!.

I cannot stop myself from sharing this with all of you (◠‿◠)

salam 1 malaysia!
entry saye xde lah se gempaq blogger2 yg len...kalau x ske, anda di alu2kn tuk click 'x' di bhgian atas sblh knan oke? :)

entry ni ku buat khas tuk sis nana which is a fresh gradute from BCS (Hons.) food and technology @uitm shah alam...and the cute cuppycakes is for her...

for every ending,
there's a new beginning
for every memory,
there's a dream ahead.
the happy times you've had so far,
the people you have met will always be a part of life
you will never quite forget...
but ever better,
brighter days are waiting for you,

so dream your dreams...
and start in now to make them all come true!

congrates for ur gradution sis! and a big of thanks for kak asmah yang telah susah payah buatkan cuppies ni sampai pukul 3pagi...huhu,,this entry pulak kak asmah buat lepas dia siapkan cuppies hasil tangannya sendiri..salute lah akak! sedap dan enak pulak tu, hehe..tenkiu-tenkiu...[klik dengan cermat disini]...and for those yang berminat nak tempah cuppies yang cute-cute..sila-sila lah order dengan kak asmah ni ye..kalau bukan kita sebagai anak melayu, siapa lagi nak sokong usahawan melayu kita ni kan? ok lah, setakat ni dulu ye...
adios amigos semua! can cin cau! peace!

nota kaki : visit kak asmah house @ dhousechocolate now!

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